Wonder Woman: War Bringer by Leigh Bardugo

Wonder Woman

“Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine.” 

This book was so much more than I expected. Diana Prince is an Amazon, but because she was born on the island, Themyscira, and hasn’t technically earned her spot on the island as an Amazon warrior, she’s never felt as though she belongs with her sisters. When Alia, the Warbringer, is drowning after a bomb has destroyed her ship, Diana is faced with a choice: save Alia and risk the fate of the world, or let Alia die and prevent an age of war. Choosing to save her, Diana and Alia must then embark on a quest to find “the place where Helen rests” yes, the Helen, in order to cleanse the Warbringer and end the cycle.

This book had everything I wanted and more—mythology, adventure, danger, a touch of romance, plot twists, a diverse cast of characters, and above all, empowering female friendships.

“I am done being careful. I am done being quiet. Let them see me angry. Let them hear me wail at the top of my lungs.”

In a story titled Wonder Woman you’d expect Diana Prince to be the main focus, but Alia shows just as much, if not more, strength, bravery, and courage. Both of these characters, as well as Nim and Theo, are complex, three dimensional, and experience great character development. I cared so deeply for each of our main characters, and the depth of their friendship was truly inspiring.

I was truly shocked by Jason’s betrayal and felt just as hurt as our main characters,
but what made it so real was that Leigh Bardugo did what she does best when it comes to villains and anti-heroes—she made us understand Jason’s motivations, and a part of me sympathized with him.

His story was wonderfully heartbreaking, and he got the ending he deserved.

“We can’t help the way we’re born. We can’t help what we are, only what life we choose to make for ourselves.”

This book did what all great books do—it made me a better person after reading it and changed me for the better. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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